Coincidence or predestination?

My friend, Mr Mihai Niculescu ,asked me to write a short introduction for his planned Pigeon Website, it is with great pleasure that I will write a few words for this purpose.

In fact the beginning of our friendship started with a call that one of my lost pigeons the 2002/6495178 entered the lofts of Mihai. So it was with pleasure that I gave the permission to hold this pigeon and breed out of it. That was the beginning of an honest relationship between real pigeon fanciers. Mihai ordered some time later some of my youngsters and apparently the crossing with his own blood streams was not so bad. In fact, that was not so a surprise for me, as my real inbreeded pigeons, the result of a passionate search of more then 30 years, had proven already at a lot of fanciers to match easily with their bloodlines. For mid- and long distance races. I already had a lot of thankful pigeon-friends, performing well with the input of my feathered friends. For me it was a pleasure receiving phone calls from fanciers of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Austria telling me their results. That made me happy. Only from an Italian fancier, who won in 2008 the first National 2 Ace pigeons Yearlings, with his pigeons crossed to mine, I received a message that they were angry that I should not have mention this it in a pigeon paper? That was really hurtful for me, because I only did it because I was proud myself with their results, and it was my sincere intention to help them. But that's live I think. For personal and medical reasons I had to stop myself racing in 2005. "Finir en beauté" winning that year once more the championship fond yearlings in the club. It was at that time, for me a very difficult decision. I decided that I would wait as long as I would be certain that the remaining pigeons, would be taken over by a passionate and good fancier. So 10 of the old ones went to Germany and the remaining 63 went to Rumania in 2009..I am still happy that my wife advised me to keep a few pigeons for my pleasure. So I kept one of each of the 3 bloodlines from the old birds and all the youngsters who were at that moment still in the nest. So that at this very moment,

I still have for my pleasure about 12 couples. Furthermore Mihai is racing now under the name Niculescu-Burtin, so that at my old days, I still have the feeling being in competition.

Many thanks for this to Mihai and his lovely wife...I am convinced that with his passion and knowledge he will become a very repudiated Pigeon Fancier in Rumania.

Burtin Frans,

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